profile picMy name is Liz Moore and I am so excited you are here! I am passionate about nutrition and I love nothing more than the opportunity to share it with others.

I have been intensely involved in the pursuit of “health” since 1992 when I was diagnosed with Late Stage Disseminated Lyme Disease. I spent 16 years and countless 10’s of thousands of dollars searching for a “cure”. The cure came in the form of redefining my nutritional foundation and adding high quality whole food supplements by NeoLife. Since 2008 I have been free of the disease and enjoyed a level of health that had evaded me for more than a decade. I considered myself cured of the disease!

I am a board certified Nutritional Consultant and am a Director with NeoLife Whole Food Supplements. NeoLife is the only company in the industry that has your “back,” they have rigorous scientific standards, NO GMO’s, and are free of chemicals.